September 23rd, 2010

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Time is flying and running out

Wondering how those two metaphors work together.

Work has consumed me since May-ish and now I'm slowly coming up for air.

Just in time to get organized and sort out the final details of the Civil Partnership in Scotland Thanksgiving week. I've got the venue booked with downpayment. Need to pay the balance.

I've contacted the registrar in Aberfeldy and she seems helpful so I'm thinking I can make arrangements via email which is helpful. So I need to finish that.

After that, it's only flights and we've settled now on who we think we need to book seats for so I can get on that.

The heat is slowly giving way to the barest hint of autumnal coolness. I've taken to driving to and from work with the sunroof open (but with the A/C still blasting). I'm just glad to have gotten through August and almost September without any severe tropical storms heading into the Gulf. Would that they all simply run up the east coast harmlessly.

+1's daughter is pregnant so partner will be a grand-dad in January. She's barely going to be able to fly to Scotland for the CP but she really wants to go so I guess I get to spend the FF miles to make that possible.

As mentioned, since May, I've been flying almost weekly to Chicago. We also had a wedding for a nephew in Iowa in August and we've another in Denver in October. So the FF points thereby gotten are sure welcome and I've made elite status (the hard way) for 2011. That definitely helps. The customer I've been working with will be going into production in October and it's been a long, hard haul so the end-in-sight is definitely welcome.

Trying to stay up with grand-kids, kids and siblings birthdays. I haven't seen my oldest's kids for over a year now and I miss them. I need to make the effort but with so much else going on this autumn, it's tough. I was slowly getting the debt worked down but with having to purchase a replacement car for +1 last autumn (his Acura was totalled in in minor rear-ending on his commute) and the upcoming CP, I've had to give that up until next year.

I try not to get down about being in debt -- I don't like it and I'm not used to it. I'm getting itchy feet again -- I want to sell our place and downsize for awhile so that we can be positioned to move when the opportunity arises. In my dreams, we'd go to the UK but Denver, Portland or Seattle would be fine. The job market in high tech segment in those cities is suffering so I'm glad I have a great job with a healthy company at the moment. I enjoy what I do, the people I work with and the challenges that are offered me. I just wish I got paid a bit more or had more paid time off to enjoy life a bit more. I'm thankful ... there are so many who are in much worse places so getting a regular paycheck and having a semblance of employment security and getting to work with great people is truly a blessing.

I think I'd write more here and I have missed using this as a means of reflection. I tried setting up the email posts and that didn't work. Must try again.

I turned the big double-nickel at the beginning of the month. Almost 10 years since I came out and upset the apple cart of life and routine. And now I'm in another domestic routine. I'm of two minds about that.

There are some things that I want to do yearly that I've not got to do this past year. I had to give Greenbelt a miss this year (saving on expenses so we can enjoy the CP) and I really want to make that a priority. The Wild Goose festival starts up in the US next summer in North Carolina and I'm trying to get my organization involved with that ... a ground floor opportunity. I want to go skiing this winter. Youngest son and his wife and I have discussed setting aside some time annually for family time together and I think I could organize it around a ski holiday in Colorado ... that would be the bomb.

Youngest son and his wife became parents a year ago and I love spending time with them and their son, when I can. Since they live in Wichita it's a challenge.

I miss my friends in the UK terribly. We have built up a tight social network with friends here in Houston and that's been a bonus. One of our friends is celebrating her 60th by taking a Caribbean cruise the week of Valentines Day ... we've decided to go along and make it a honeymoon cruise. I haven't been to sea since I worked on big, gray yachts so it should be fun.
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