May 9th, 2011

cyberhead, busy

Getting going, getting organized

I'm having difficulty getting started this morning. Overwhelmed is the likely reason. I've got a long list of things I need to get started on with the house to ready it for sale. Whether we put it on the market or not is another choice, another *thing* starving and grasping for attention.

I got back a week ago from working in India a month. I was working with a small team of people in Bangalore getting them up to speed and started on some work they're doing for my company. It was an interesting experience. The first time in an unknown place can be frightening; there's a sense of claustrophobia (or, perhaps more accurately, agoraphobia) dealing with the great unknown; navigating unfamiliar language, customs, culture, transportation and food. I think I was able to overcome some of the culture shock ossification that I felt - at least a little. I didn't come back any thinner so I must have done alright in the eating department despite the almost total change in cuisine required.

There is a tax return to be prepared by the end of the week. There is work to do (first must get organized). There are vacations to plan. Well, not vacations really -- mom is having a knee replacement surgery so need to be there with her at the end of June/early July. That rules out Wild Goose, I guess. I want to go to Greenbelt but the plane tickets are running @ $1100 right now - mostly fuel surcharges. That's a bit steep in a year when I'm trying to pare down the credit card balances.
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