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Checking In

Facebook has assimilated me. Dang. That and I can't access livejournal from work so in the moments when I might do some reflection, I don't have the ability to do it. I think there's a way to post via email ... will have to check that out.

My paid membership elapsed so I logged on today to reinstate.

Life is going along reasonably well. I'm enjoying what I'm doing at work though I'm really looking forward to getting the SAP certification out of the way. I seriously do not like using the SAP tools ... they're a nightmare only a german could love.

I spent 5 days in Mountain View a week ago doing a course to use another integration tool which is much nicer. I'm looking forward to diving into that once I get the SAP work finished.

We haven't set a date for the wedding. We were originally thinking August just before Greenbelt but my nephew is getting married on the 21st. So I've been toying with ideas in October or November. I'm leaning towards getting married in Iowa as it would be less expensive and it would be a marriage as opposed to civil partnership. Going to Scotland for the CP is the sentimental choice. I need to sit down with +1 and have a serious chat and set the date and locale and then start working on everything else to go with it.

The step-daughter hasn't registered for school after two semesters have gone by. Her dad gave her a month to get a job or make other living arrangements. I have low expectations for how that's going to work out.

Generally annoyed at politics. Have been enjoying staying up with the Prop 8 case in California but don't have high hopes that SCOTUS would rule favorably once the case gets in front of them. Too many anti-gay bigots and not enough precedent at the moment.

It's a gray, warm (22C), humid day in Houston. I did get some cleaning done so feel good about that. I want to see 2012 and Avatar (in 3D) at some point but haven't figured out when.

Live goes on. Obla-di, obla-dah, hey.
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