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How Life Changes in a Moment

I was working from home last Friday. I'm in the middle of taking over a project that is 9 months overdue and has a critical delivery by December 1. +1 called and asked if the kids were up. They weren't (I, 23, lives with us at the moment - a boomerang child and C, 15, is spending the month with us during his summer holidays). +1 said he's coming home ... he'd been laid off.

He'd worked at the mental healthy hospital for 12 years but we were reading the tea leaves in January and suspected this was coming down the pike ... someone on the board had it in for him. It's nonsensical but businesses, even non-profit ones, don't necessarily operate rationally.

So we had a good Father's Day weekend and nothing more was said. We gathered the boys last night and delivered the news.

On the upside, my employer has offered domestic partner health benefits for 2 years now. +1, I and C are on my health plan so we don't have to worry about health insurance. I have a good job with good prospects so the bills should continue being paid.

I encouraged +1 to think about a more fundamental question -- where does he want to live. We've been in H-town because of his job and for the youngest but this is an opportunity to cast a broader vision of possibilities and they don't need to be restricted to this city. So he's thinking about that.

Life goes on. Work needs to be done. The kids need to be taken care of.

A, 20, who had her first child a year ago January got engaged over the weekend. J, her boyfriend and the father of their child, proposed and then announced another addition to the family due in November. They're taking the hard road but at least they're both stepping up to it. Their wedding is in August.

It's gonna be a busy summer.
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