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Plans for Moving Forward

We met with a realtor yesterday and now we have a plan to get the house on the market by the end of the month. If all goes well, we should sell & close by end-of-May.

We've talked through the options for the move. We're pretty certain that our target is the west side of Puget Sound (Olympic Peninsula) or the islands, whatever comes up that meets our criteria.

We're going to put our stuff in storage here, move up in a single vehicle and do a short-term rental while we look for our "forever home". Assuming the schedule above, that would likely happen in June. We have logistics with the animals to sort through but we'll figure that out.

We also have our holiday for this year planned: leaving 22-Jul for Edinburgh, the following week in Scotland, the following week in London (my sister and a friend of hers is joining us for that bit) and then almost a week in Paris with our best friends, S&P. We've got lodging pinned down for Scotland, London and Paris. We just need to sort out EDI.

Step-daughter and her husband seem to be getting on well. He's employed and she's a stay-at-home mom. They're in an apartment in Spring after living in a foreclosed house rent-free for a year - that really helped with their finances. They've two children now: 4 & 2.

Youngest step-son is now gone from our home. We caught him stealing things from us and I asked him to leave. He's now living with his oldest brother and we've warned the brother about what happened. In a couple of months, we'll be gone from here and no longer party to the poor decisions youngest one has made. Very sad and unfortunate. I think he has some lessons to learn and I'm unwilling for him to learn them while living under my roof.

Mom's been in senior, subsidized housing in Sioux Falls since last October. She likes it there. It would help if her house in Missouri would sell but it's not a great financial burden - yet.

That project still is a millstone about my neck - I spent 12 hour days from Monday through Saturday with a couple of client folks on-site to do acceptance testing. The software may actually go into production in the April/May timeframe - nearly 3 years after I took the project. Glad to see it come to conclusion, in spite of the pain.
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